New Products

New Arrival

  • LED Freezer Lights

    LED Freezer Lights

    Application For the special environment with -40℃ ~ 50℃ high temperature and...

  • Zero-Blue-Light-Hazard Table Lights

    Zero-Blue-Light-Hazard Table Lights

    Perfectly safe for human eyes, our new ‘Zero Blue Light Hazard’ LED table lamp is the...

  • 150W LED High Mast Lightings

    150W LED High Mast Lightings

    looking for better alternatives to light up your apron, terminal or construction sites? check...

New Era for Healthy Light Source

New Era for Healthy Light Source

Year 2015 marks a new era for healthy LED light source with the launch of our new Zero-Blue-Light-Hazard LED light source. Now you can enjoy reading with full protection from blue light damage commonly found in LED lightings.

Having achieved the zero level of risk scale in the IEC62471 Photobiological Safety Standards, the new light source is both safe and easy for traditional packaging process adaptation, and applicable to the production of normal lamps and lanterns.

Stay Tune
  • March 20-21, 2017, the 15th Guangdong Provincial Sport Gymnasium Construction Academic Conference was successfully held in Zhaoqing Kokusai Hotel. The organizer has the honor to invite experts of the industry to attend, including Jia Kai, the Director of State General Administration of Sport Training Venues, Kwan Bai Yu, Secretary General of LED Semiconductor Lighting Industry Alliance, Peng Bo, Managing Director of Jiangmen LT Lighting Co. Ltd., Cisneros Palomares Milvia, Chief Representative of Cuban Foreign Trade, Zheng Jianwei, Chief Lighting Designer of the renowned "Bird's Nest" and "Water Cube" lighting projects, Huang Redai, Senior Engineer of Guangdong Provincial Architectural Design Institute, as well as over 100 representatives from different sports departments in Guangdong Province.
  • Further to the grand opening of its flagship in Jiangmen Bookstore, the LONTE Eye Sight Protection Center has already reached out to Xinhui and open its second establishment

Global Network

Our 11 representatives in different countries/regions will serve you well. Simply give us a call or send us a note.

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